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euphorian jidai

A bliss of eternity...

7 June
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Likes to eat and play,
but she also likes quiet and peace.

Likes to be hyper and loud,
but she doesn't forget about silence either.

Cheri is an optimist,
yet she is also a pessimist.

She likes to laugh,
but she also likes to cry.

She yearns for others to understand her,
but she doesn't know how to properly express herself.

She wants someone to give her affection,
but she doesn't want to be tied down by love.

I face everyday with a smile, but in truth, I am not that strong.
I greet everyone with a fun ferociousness, but on the inside, I am very weak and timid.

Some may think me naive,
Some may think me selfish,
Some may think me rude,
Some may think me fake,
but I know that deep inside me, I'm not as superficial as they make me out to be.

I like to build my own bliss,
I like to have my own freedom.
I want to see my own dreams,
I want to create my own world.

Just like the wind, I want to go with the flow.

As a matter of fact, I'm starting to get confused...
Who is the real me, and who is the me with the mask?


am me.

The me with multiple and polaric personalities.
The Gemini, O-type blood, loves fun, loves quiet, loves to laugh, loves to cry, childish, mature, strong, weak...



So, can you tell me...
who I am?

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